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Perry Campaign Aide’s Anti-Gay Smears

August 11, 2011

It looks like Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been staffing up for his soon-to-be-announced presidential campaign. The Texas Tribune reports that one expected member of the campaign’s press office is Robert Black, a former Texas Republican Party spokesman with a history of incendiary anti-gay statements.

In 1998 the Texas GOP barred Log Cabin Republicans, a gay Republican organization, from setting up a booth at the party’s state convention. (The state GOP also refused to allow the nonpartisan Texas Freedom Network to have a booth, by the way.) When asked to explain, Black — the party’s communications director at the time — called Log Cabin a “deviant group” and compared it to the Ku Klux Klan. And he didn’t stop there:

“We don’t allow pedophiles, transvestites and cross- dressers, either.”

Black was unapologetic and even dismissive of gay voters in a news article a few months later:

“Considering the traditional Republican principles against the homosexual lifestyle, we do not consider the gay vote to have that much of an effect on Republican politics.”

Perry should fit right in with other Perry associates. Last weekend Gov. Perry hosted a Christians-only prayer rally in Houston organized (at his request) by the American Family Association. The Southern Poverty Law Center has identified AFA as a virulent anti-gay hate group. One of AFA’s spokesmen has even suggested that gay people were responsible for the Holocaust.