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Bringing Progressive People of Faith Together

June 2, 2010
Note from TFN: We’re happy to post this guest piece from Tim Palmer, director of communications and outreach for the Religious Institute. That Connecticut-based, multifaith organization is dedicated to advocating for sexual health, education and justice in faith communities and society. Tim is introducing us to a new project for progressive people of faith.

Like the rest of the country, this transplanted Texan (I have lived in New York since 1997) watched in dismay as the State Board of Education made a joke of the words “curriculum standards.” I’m grateful as always that the Texas Freedom Network has been a voice for reason and sanity. I was particularly interested in Dan’s post about the hate mail you’ve received, and how much of it assumes that if you’re progressive, you surely aren’t Christian, or a person of faith of any kind. That’s when it struck me how much TFN and the organization I work for — the Religious Institute — have in common.