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From the Hate Mail Bag

March 23, 2012

A new Christian-themed specialty license plate, approved by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles board last December, went on sale this week. Here’s what we told Fox News about our concerns:

“I think you want to be very careful when you give government the authority to favor a particular religion in an official way such as this,” Dan Quinn, communications director for the Texas Freedom Network, told

“That’s what bumper stickers are for,” Quinn said of religious decorations on vehicles. “We support religious freedom for everybody. The question is: Do you need government approval for that? We don’t want government having that authority.”

The group had previously blasted the plate as “disrespectful,” saying in a December press release on its website that “It’s become pretty clear that our governor [Rick Perry] is dismissive of religious beliefs other than his own, and now his governmental appointees have voted to send a message that Texas is unwelcoming to the religious faiths of some of its citizens.”

Our hate mail typically spikes when we’re quoted by Fox. (Go figure.) In any case, the writer of the following email apparently checked out our website, including the section on our Texas Faith Network. He doesn’t like us:

Saw your site and the proclamation of “progressive clergy”?

“Progressive clergy” is just another way to say sell out clergy.

No Christian, at least a true Christian, is tolerant or accepting of other religions.

In fact, God’s Holy Word the Bible tells Christians to flee evil ….. not to even talk of the evil that they do.

Unlike your ““progressive clergy” proclaims, we are not all the children of God and we do not serve the same god.

True Christians are the only children of God and true Christians serve the one and only true God …. God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

Your “progressive clergy” are the false prophets that the Bible teaches us about. The purveyors of false doctrine ……. the servants of Satan and his minion.

This is a nation based upon Christians beliefs.

To God be the glory and may His judgment fall upon this nation that it, through your evil kind and your “progressive clergy” across this nation, has called upon it.

As the Bible says, the rain falls on the heads of the just and unjust …….. we, the true Christians, the born again Christians, the true children of God will bear it for His Name’s sake.


Checking the Hate Mail Bag

November 7, 2010

The Texas Freedom Network’s efforts to keep politics out of social studies classrooms this year has attracted the usual batch of right-wing hate mail. We also heard from folks who didn’t like our opposition to a State Board of Education resolution attacking Islam and falsely claiming that social studies textbooks are anti-Christian and pro-Muslim. Let’s take a look at some of the mail:

“It’s time for you left wing nuts to get out of public schools and open your own private schools, like the Catholics and Lutherans did decades ago.  That way you can indoctrinate your offspring in your silly religion and leave the rest of us alone.”


Hate Mail-o-Rama

June 1, 2010

Various newspapers, including the Dallas Morning News and the Houston Chronicle, have now published Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller’s op-ed about the State Board of Education — and the hate mail is pouring in! We decided to share. (We haven’t corrected typos and such.)

Some is concise, if caustic, as in this e-mail under the subject line: “Socoalist/Marxist/Progressive.”

Dear Killer of Society,

Eat s**t you worthless misguided  B**ch.

This is the Legacy of your blind idealism

Thank you.

The “thank you” was a nice touch, don’t you think? So polite.


Checking the Hate Mail

January 26, 2010

Seems like some folks don’t like the Texas Freedom Network’s opposition to far-right efforts to rewrite history in public school classrooms. The volume of our hate mail has increased subsantially, although the quality of the writing and reasoning leaves much to be desired. The writers might have been helped by actually reading what TFN has said instead of relying on nonsense circulated by fringe right-wing pressure groups. Anyway, here are a few excerpts. Enjoy.

Subj: You left-wing loons
The Christian right will always defeat far left loons such as yourselves. We will fight you, and we will win, @ any cost. If you don’t like the country as it is, get out, and move to Venezuela. I’m sure Crazy Chavez will welcome you.

Subj: narrow minded bias
What motivates you? Is this how you begin your morning? Wondering how you can stamp out Christianity, where and how completely? Even to the point of perverting our history? You and your kind are a mystery to me, I confess. Do you seriously have nothing else to do?

Subj: Religion in Textbooks
Your progressive organization(code name for degenerate communists losers)will never change text book facts that this country was founded on Christian/ Judaism  values. Many have tried to change or skew  history and they all failed. The word of  Jesus Christ will never falter or go away and there’s not a darn thing you and your witch’s can do anything about it, missy!!! To try and dismiss these facts and rewrite history is a waste of time . Oh by the way after reading  your Queen Bee’s bio, I understand  what Texas Freedom Network is all about. Let’s see public affairs director for Planned Parenthood, Wow!!!, who would of known Kathy Miller would have ties with  sponsored government abortion clinics. Maybe Abbey Johnson should have a talk with her and set her straight that Pro choice means Pro Murder. Remember live your life by murder and one has a good chance of dying of murder. Maybe that’s what happened to Dr Tiller, you think. By the way is this a satellite organization for NOW, national organization for witches, just curious. Texas Freedom network, now that’s a contradiction in terms because  I smell a big mess of “BONDAGE” instead. Oh and ladies ,OBAMA is  tanking bad. HA,HA,HA.


What Does He Really Think?

December 15, 2009

It seems that Brian Russell, anointed by Cynthia Dunbar as her desired replacement on the Texas State Board of Education, doesn’t much like the Texas Freedom Network. And we’re such nice folks. Go figure. Anyway, just a few days before word got out that Russell is seeking Dunbar’s board seat, the Austin attorney and his fellow State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) members passed a resolution attacking TFN as a “far left-wing fringe group.”

Well, we’re fascinated that SREC members spend their time worrying about TFN. But more than anything, the resolution itself also offers a roadmap of sorts for the political agenda Russell wants to promote on the State Board of Education.


Feel the Love

November 16, 2009

Donna Garner, the right-wing gadfly who last year circulated an e-mail screed charging that Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial murderer because he believed in evolution, has posted a “love” note to the Texas Freedom Network on TFN Insider.

Ms. Garner’s comment is in response to news that TFN will receive the National Intellectual Freedom Award this week at the National Council of Teachers of English’s conference in Philadelphia. In 2008 Ms. Garner helped persuade far-right members of the State Board of Education to throw out nearly three years of work by classroom teachers and curriculum specialists to develop new language arts curriculum standards for Texas public schools. The board ultimately adopted a curriculum patched together overnight by far-right board members and then slipped under the hotel-room doors of colleagues about an hour before the final meeting and vote. Like many others — including some board members, Democrats and Republicans alike — we at TFN were appalled and supported the teachers.

For your convenience (and some grins), we repost Ms. Garner’s comment from today here. Enjoy.

Texas Freedom Network is an aggressive, leftwing, political organization that is completely out of step with today’s parents who want their children to learn foundational skills that will help them to become well-informed leaders of tomorrow.

TFN has a well-defined political/social agenda for our school children; and the purpose of TFN is to practice the politics of personal destruction on the conservative members of the Texas State Board of Education and anyone else who holds the same principled beliefs.


Checking Out the (Hate) Mail Bag

September 25, 2009

If you’re involved in politics, you get a lot of mail. Some of it is very supportive and encouraging. Other mail, not so much. We thought we’d share with you some of the hate mail the Texas Freedom Network gets. Some messages — such as the rusty saw blade we received by postal a while back — aren’t reproducible here, of course. But usually the e-mail and letters we get offer plenty of quotable material. Enjoy.