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Dodging a Bullet

January 5, 2010

Remember Allen Quist? He’s the fringe-right Minnesota politician who State Board of Education member Don McLeroy wanted to appoint to a panel of so-called “experts” helping revise social studies curriculum standards for Texas public schools. Like other absurdly unqualified ideologues who succeeded in getting appointments to the “expert” panel, Quist didn’t just lack academic credentials in the social sciences. He is an anti-abortion and anti-gay fanatic who also opposes the science of evolution, calls the International Baccalaureate program Marxist and un-American, and thinks animal behavior proves that women should be subservient to men.

Now in his campaign for a congressional seat, Quist offers more evidence of his extremism. Last month he told Minnesota Republicans that “radical liberals” like his opponent, incumbent Rep. Tim Walz, President Obama and other elected Democrats are a bigger threat to America than terrorism:

“Our country is being destroyed. Every generation has had to fight the fight for freedom… Terrorism? Yes. That’s not the big battle. The big battle is in D.C. with the radicals. They aren’t liberals. They are radicals. Obama, Pelosi, Walz: They’re not liberals, they’re radicals. They are destroying our country.”

So that’s the man Don McLeroy wanted to help decide what the next generation of Texas students will learn in their social studies classrooms. But TFN helped block what would have been an outrageously irresponsible appointment by exposing Quist’s extremism and persuading other board members to oppose his inclusion on the “expert” panel. Shortly afterward, the Texas Senate refused to approve McLeroy’s renomination by Gov. Rick Perry for a second term as SBOE chair.


When Genius Passes You By

July 20, 2009

Who knew that all the world’s best climate scientists and their research could be proven wrong by a fringe political activist from Minnesota?

We told you in May that Don McLeroy, still chair of the Texas State Board of Education at the time, wanted to appoint to the social studies curriculum “expert panel” a political activist from Minnesota who made his career opposing abortion, homosexuality and a list of other “culture war” demons. Allen Quist — whose academic work includes a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in speech, but nothing in social studies — has also created a “curriculum module” that has students discuss historical “evidence” for the coexistence of humans and dinosaurs and the effects of “Darwinism” on American law and politics. Fortunately, Quist’s nomination to the “expert” panel failed for lack of support from a second board member.

But now this supposed social studies “expert” claims that a map from the 1500s, supposedly rediscovered in 1960 in government archives, proves that the world’s scientists are all wrong when it comes to global warming:

“The map demonstrates that Antarctica had been extensively explored and mapped long before it was known to the Western world. Since Antarctica was much warmer when some of the source-maps were drawn than it is today, the theory that man-made carbon dioxide emissions are the primary cause of climate change must be given up.”

So there you have it. All of the world’s best climate scientists can finally turn their attention to something else. And the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in August can be cancelled. Quist has a map showing they’re all wrong! And to think that Texas students won’t be benefitting from this man’s genius…

McLeroy Backs Fringe Social Studies ‘Expert’

May 23, 2009

How can he possibly be serious? Not satisfied with the two absurdly unqualified ideologues already appointed to a so-called “expert” review panel for new public school social studies curriculum standards, Texas State Board of Education Chairman Don McLeroy wants another that could be even worse. And he has been lobbying other board members hard to make that appointment.

TFN Insider has learned that McLeroy wants to appoint to the panel Allen Quist, a Minnesotan whose politics are so extreme that he suffered a humiliating landslide defeat in his bid for the Republican nomination for governor of his home state in 1994. If Quist is an “expert” in anything, it’s not in social studies. It’s in promoting the nation’s divisive “culture wars”

Quist originally made a name for himself as a radical anti-abortion crusader who opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest. In his 1980 book The Abortion Revolution, Quist even compares abortion to Hitler’s murder of millions of Jews.

Even before his run for governor, Quist demonstrated his obsession with sexual morality, especially regarding homosexuality and pornography. He even conducted a personal undercover “investigation” into an adult bookstore. Today he makes the rounds as a fringe anti-gay and anti-abortion speaker.

But that’s only the half of it.