The Week in Quotes (March 25 – 31)


Here are some of the week’s most notable quotes culled from news reports from across Texas, and beyond.

Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum, defending language he used toward a New York Times reporter.

If you haven’t cursed out a New York Times reporter during the course of a campaign, you’re not really a real Republican.

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Maryland voter Cathy Willauer, who is Roman Catholic, on why she has decided to support Mitt Romney in her state’s Republican presidential primary on April 3.

While my personal values may align more closely with Senator Santorum’s. I feel Governor Romney is more willing to tolerate different views and values, and the president of the United States has to accept and respect the right of every American to believe as they will.

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An Air Force captain, criticizing materials used in the Squadron Officer School urging company-grade officers to attend chapel to show their moral integrity.

If you’re asked to give an example of how you can show yourself to be morally upright to your airmen, the only answer you can give is go to chapel, because that’s the only example they give. This is not something somebody left in the break room [to read] — this is official Air Force policy.

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Nancy Northup, president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights, reacting to a court ruling that struck down an Oklahoma law that requires an ultrasound of women seeking abortions. Several states, including Texas, have already passed or are considering similar legislation.

The court has resoundingly affirmed what should not be a matter of controversy at all that women have both a fundamental right to make their own choices about their reproductive health, and that government has no place in their decisions.

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Steven Biel, director of, seeing a benefit to the group’s unsuccessful campaign to get Rush Limbaugh kicked off the air following the radio host’s comments about Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke.

I suspect his internal editing equipment is significantly amped up.

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