The Week in Quotes (Jan. 1 – 7)


Here are some of the week’s most notable quotes culled from news reports from across Texas, and beyond.

A senior adviser to the Rick Perry campaign, which is readying itself to explain its failure.

There has never been a more ineptly orchestrated, just unbelievably subpar campaign for president of the United States than this one.

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Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman to Mitt Romney, the winner of the Iowa caucuses, noting that New Hampshire, the next primary state, rarely takes its cues from Iowa. (Huntsman did not campaign in Iowa and received only one percent of the vote there.)

Welcome to New Hampshire. Nobody cares.

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Rick Perry, taking a thinly veiled shot at Iowa, whose caucus-goers the night before had given him just 10 percent of the vote.

This is a quirky place and a quirky process to say the least. We’re going to go into, you know, places where they have actual primaries and there are going to be real Republicans voting.

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Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Leonard Pitts, in an April 2011 column in which he argued that cherry-picking religious texts stokes irrational fears and should not be used to set policy.

The Texas Freedom Network will host Leonard Pitts, January 25 in Houston. Click for details and registration information.

Christians get the benefit of the doubt. Muslims get Glenn Beck asking a Muslim congressman to “prove to me that you are not working with our enemies.”

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Former ESPN analyst and U.S. Senate candidate from Texas Craig James, in a Tweet reacting to an Internet campaign designed to trick search engines into associating his name with the untrue phrase “Craig James killed 5 hookers.”

Ever heard of a Google Bomb? They’re a headache, but they won’t slow down this campaign.

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Former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer, on his continued exclusion from the nationally-televised Republican debates.

If (Texas Gov. Rick) Perry, who polls below me in New Hampshire, is invited to the debate, the blatant, systematic attempt to silence me will be set in stone.

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3 Responses to “The Week in Quotes (Jan. 1 – 7)”

  1. Gary K Says:

    Romney has raised an impressive20Mil for his campaign. Makes one wonder how much of his war chest has come from Salt Lake City via other channels. Let’s not forget that Karl Rove is originally from Salt Lake City and see if we can play “Connect The Dots.”
    Above all else, here are ten reasons why Romney should not be elected President:
    Reason #10: Alcohol will be replaced by lime sherbet/ginger ale punch at all White House Functions
    Reason # 9: The White House Kitchen will have to store a two year supply of food and learn how to make tuna surprise casseroles and Jello Pot de Creme
    Reason # 8: The country will be forced to endure the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at all Christmas Tree lightings
    Reason # 7: The Washington National Cathedral will have to be refitted with Moroni thinly disguised as Louis Armstrong on the Southeast Pinnacle
    Reason # 6: Not enough bedrooms in the White House to accommodate the entire celestial family
    Reason # 5: Filene’s Basement on 14th Street will have to be rebranded as a ZCMI specializing in holy garments
    Reason # 4: NASA funding depleted due to Nephi I launch from Cape Canaveral = expected to reach Kolob by 2030
    Reason # 3: Illinois will have to change its license plates motto from “Land of Lincoln” to “Birthplace of Polygamy”
    Reason # 2: Waterboarding and electric shock therapy renitroduced in all LDS gay reeducation centers
    Reason # 1: Donnie and Marie are given lifetime achievement awards at the Kennedy Center after performing for the inauguration

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Rick Perry’s chance of being President of the United States was already down to about 0.000001 percent. The microscopic chance that remained was snuffed out by that idiot remark he made last night about returning troops to fight in Iraq. I have never seen a finer self-inflicted gunshot wound—not in all of my days.

    I would just like to thank the Texas Freedom Network for putting out lots of true public information about Mr. Perry so the American people could make a wise choice—in this case to flee from his candidacy like the plague. Even though I live a 1000 miles from Texas, I alerted the editor of my local metropolitan newspaper (a Republican paper) to the fact that lots of reliable information on Perry could be found on the TFN website’s “Perry Watch.” The editor sent back a kind note of thanks. Not too long afterwards, a scathing anti-Perry newspaper editorial was printed for all 1.2 million people “red staters” in our area to read. This was at just about exactly the time when Perry started proving his ineptitude in the debates. The bad press was then followed by numerous public demonstrations of its accuracy by the candidate himself.

    People have always said that Texans are straight shooters. TFN shoots straight with the facts. Rick Perry shoots straight too—right into his own foot over and over and over and over again.

    Thanks TFN for keeping American safe for our small children, many farm animals, and electric toasters.

  3. TFN Says:

    Many thanks for the very kind words. We’re glad the message about Gov. Perry is getting out there. Thanks for helping out!

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