AFA Screams at Ben & Jerry’s


The folks who sponsored Gov. Rick Perry’s summer prayer fest are all pistachioed at the name of a new flavor of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and have manufactured a controversy that they’ll probably milkshake for all it’s worth.

One Million Moms, a project of the American Family Association, is warning Ben & Jerry’s that the company faces a rocky road if it continues to peddle its new flavor, “Schweddy Balls,” which is named after the famous Saturday Night Live skit.

NPR has the scoop on the new flavor.

Well, the dra-cone-ian folks at the AFA have given “Schweddy Balls” an ice cold reception. One Million Moms is calling on supporters to contact Ben and/or Jerry to voice their displeasure. In the alternative, One Million Moms supporters were asked to praline for the company at Sundae church services.

Safe to say that on top(pings) of being a hate group, the AFA apparently also lacks a sense of Good Humor.

If Ben & Jerry’s persists, One Million Moms says its supporters will stop buying the company’s products.

Yet another AFA boycott? Meh. How vanilla.


12 Responses to “AFA Screams at Ben & Jerry’s”

  1. Will Reinhardt Says:

    Golf claps for using “pistachio” as a verb. Also, I will start buying two of everything the AFA boycotts.

  2. Eric Hetvile Says:

    They are really going balls out.

  3. lorraine levine Says:

    What are “schweddy balls?” I never saw the skit mentioned.

  4. Edd Doerr Says:

    The suppositories of the far rite couldn’t tell humor from a hummer “I scream” is not the same as ice cream.

  5. TK Says:

    Hehe…I did go and get two of them after I first found out about the Million Moms complaining about it. The stuff tastes pretty good.

    Took a while to find, though. I think I went through 3 H-E-B’s, 3 Walmarts, and 1 Super Target before I finally found it in one of the Walmarts. This was in San Antonio.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    they ought to secure AFA to chairs and force them to taste schweddy balls

  7. Wen Says:

    T.K.,perhaps you should have looked outside of Texas! I would expect the population cohort most upset about this to be well-represented in your fair state.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    And I thought this was the perfect ice cream for a teabaggers party!

  9. Dave Says:

    I just bought some Schweddy Balls at Walmart north of Dallas, pretty tasty actually!! I’ve been thinking this is the perfect icon ice cream for the teabaggers but what the heck, I guess the AFA can use it for their mantra as well. The cashier said it was seasonal (like eggnog)

  10. Chris (The Netherlands) Says:


    They must have been counting the “Sweddy balls” at a teaparty to find a name like that!

    AFA? A Former Atheist???

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Will: pretty sure that’s an adjective 🙂

  12. dbtexas Says:

    Dang! Never had Ben and Jerry’s. Guess I’ll have to try it now.

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