Liberty Institute: Cargill Hearts Liberals


We told you that we didn’t expect the far right to take it well when they heard that students would be treated to science, and only science, in new instructional materials approved by the State Board of Education. But this we did not see this coming — the far-right embracing an entirely new standard of success for SBOE chair Barbara Cargill: pleasing us.

Yes, you read that correctly. The far right in Texas is apparently pleased that we’re pleased and hopes that we continue to be pleased.

That’s essentially what Focus on the Family’s Texas affiliate, the Liberty Institute, said when materials from publisher Holt McDougal were given the final OK earlier this month.

Liberty Institute’s lobbyist said this to the Quorum Report (paywalled article) in his latest disingenuous attempt to somehow claim victory in this debate:

“It’s great the new SBOE chair Barbara Cargill is leading the SBOE so well, that even Austin liberals are happy,” Saenz said. “Gov. Perry deserves credit as well for selecting Cargill.”


If by “Austin liberals” he means TFN and other supporters of fact-based mainstream science, then we’ll take it. To quote Oliver Twist, “Please, sir, I want some more.” Because if this new-found respect for “Austin liberals” by chairwoman Cargill means we can look forward to more outcomes like the one we just had in the science debate — when the best interests of Texas school children outweigh the personal politics of SBOE members — then sign us up. And we don’t care a lick if the Liberty Institute continues to declare victory.


5 Responses to “Liberty Institute: Cargill Hearts Liberals”

  1. Quentin Linux Dergane Says:


  2. Rocket Mike Says:

    Rick from Paint Crick is going to take credit for anything he can spin as positive in the whole state of Texas (and his supporters will, too!).

  3. JamesBreck Says:

    I would like to hear more from the candidate Rick “would you like fries with that” Perry on all those great jobs he has created in Texas. I’d also like to know what his favorite cheer was when he was cheerleading at A&M. I’m betting on “Aggies all the way! Kill the EPA!”

  4. Charles Says:

    This is all about Perry for President and making the Texas SBOE look “scrubbed clean” of its outrageous behavior over the past several years. The things that have happened would be enormously damaging to the Perry campaign if large numbers of people in other parts of the country knew what had happened. Although i know TFN cannot take sides in an election for status and taxation reasons, I would hope that TFN could get the word out to the nethermost corner of the nation. In my opinion, and i think it is a pretty good one, Risk Perry is not a political candidate. He and what he represents are ISSUES that are not good for this country, farm animals, or people descended from electric toasters.

  5. Makoto Says:

    ““It’s great the new SBOE chair Barbara Cargill is leading the SBOE so well, that even Austin liberals are happy,” Saenz said. “Gov. Perry deserves credit as well for selecting Cargill.””


    “We fought this just as hard as we could, but in the end we couldn’t stop it without looking even worse than we did before, so we’ll pretend that we were leading the charge, despite Gov. Perry electing Cargill specifically for her anti-science approach.”

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