Western Politicization


Oh, for Pete’s sake!

During the weekend’s budget debate in the Texas House, state Rep. Wayne Christian, R-Center, offered an amendment that would have directed colleges and universities to spend at least 10 percent of their funds to teach courses on “Western Civilization.” As to what those courses would include, well, you be the judge:

Christian’s amendment failed.


7 Responses to “Western Politicization”

  1. David Bigwood Says:

    Would the study of evolution and Darwinism count towards the 10%?

  2. JT Says:

    This kind of stuff is why Texas Education is such a mess.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I think I need context- Why is the house voting on what would be taught? Isn’t that the SBOE’s job [to do disastrously]?

  4. Doc Bill Says:

    It was nice seeing Wayne getting his cowardly bigoted butt handed to him by a fellow legislator who saw through the whole fabrication. Wayne tried to aw-shucks his way out of the situation but it was obvious that all Wayne-bo wanted to do was grandstand for white Christians. Oh, sorry, that’s too broad a brush. Grandstand for folks jus’ like his own self, whatever that is.

  5. Piedmont Says:

    Oh my, I do so enjoy watching politicians make fools of themselves.

    They don’t seem to understand that their ridiculous positions are indefensible and will live on for eternity because of video and the internet.

    His grandkids will be embarrassed in a few years.

  6. Charles Says:

    Doc Bill. I hate to have to correct you. You know I love you, but this moment demands it. From years of living with the legislator’s ancestors in Appalachia, I can tell you it is not “like is own self.” The term is “hiz seff.” There is also the following:

    Goober: ” I found somethin’ in thuh yard.”

    Clem: “Whut wuz it?

    Goober: “Itchy old lost wrench.”

    That last statement represents an evolutionary corruption of Elizabethan English properly translated as: “It is ye olde lost wrench.”

  7. Curtis Fuller Says:

    Why don’t we…give colleges and universities ALL the funding they need…and let academic professionals develop their curricula?

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