Jesus Wept


Talking Points Memo reports on what far-right demonstrators did when they saw a Muslim man praying in front of the White House today.


22 Responses to “Jesus Wept”

  1. David Says:


  2. Gordon Fowkes Says:

    I don’t think I have seen a braver man that this Muslim. He makes a mockery of those who mock him.

    And I am a duly certified Christian who is appalled at the blasphemy of Christ and Christianity displayed by those who take His name in vain.

    OBTW: Jesus is the second prophet of Islam right after Mohammed, a list that starts with Abraham.

  3. Kristin C. Says:

    “Yeah, look at me being the hypocritical Christian, making a complete mockery of everything I am supposed to stand for.” And the sad thing really is those people taunting him will never get it.

  4. Gary Says:

    Rhetorical question: If you’re minding your own business, trying to say your prayers, and a bunch of hostile people crowd around you, waving signs, flags, and crosses in your face and shouting about “Jesus,” and the rudest member of the crowd has a big sign that says “Jesus Loves You,” what message do you get about Jesus?

  5. Suzy Q Says:

    I guess ignorance comes in all shapes, sizes, genders, and ages. Watching the video almost makes me ashamed to be aChristian.

  6. Alfreda Phillips Says:

    A$$ es.

  7. Wendy Says:

    Wow. Just think what propaganda these “Christians” just gave the fanatical groups to use against Christians.

  8. Jennifer Says:

    I’m trying so hard to put myself in their shoes instead of to just feel this sadness I feel when I watch this. What kind of fear must they have to react like that when they see him? Why does he upset them so much? What does he represent that they feel they must bully him this way? I know the answer, but why don’t I have that same fear? Why hasn’t it consumed me like it has them (and so many people, it seems)?

  9. Charles Says:

    Just to put the icing on this little cake, please check out the following main editorial in a big eastern newspaper:

  10. Lisa Metzler Says:

    “And they’ll know we are Christians by our love….”

    How terribly sad. And we wonder why Americans are not very popular around the world.

  11. Jesse Glick Says:

    I call these folk, clueless Christians, and there are many like them. They have no understanding of nor relationship with the Jesus on their posters. Jesus wept!

  12. J. Cull Says:

    This is both pathetic & sad. If these were truly people ‘of faith’ perhaps they would share the space, and pray to their creator as well. Clearly this is a video about bigots. I have to wonder what is in their brains, because clearly they have nothing in their hearts. God Bless this man.

  13. David Says:

    Many of these types are alcohol and drug burnouts who “came to Jesus” or were “born again” thanks to a Christian based “12 step program” . Which is a good thing.
    I think.
    They’re especially vulnerable to an “us vs them” definition of religion once they’ve been saved from their own weakness.
    As a result partly of being “yoked” to their faith they externalize their doubt and they blame an “other” for any doubt or weakness in their faith.
    They’re unable to see that their adolescent “hazing” of this Muslim is not exactly the best expression of “their God’s” greater glory.
    They never ask the question ” If God is almighty, why would he need or want me to harass this benighted individual.” Etc.
    A large number of these types of evangelical organizations are burn-outs. I had a partner in construction who tried hiring these folks. They were stone cold sober, highly unreliable, muddleheaded, highly dysfunctional people who chain-smoked, drank coffee all day and were extremely devout evangelical Christians.
    They developed a “personal relationship with God” which they talk about constantly, and they want to “make” everyone else exhibit a public devotion to God that passes their scrutiny.

  14. Beth Says:

    These people are both ignorant and evil. Do not think that they represent most Americans. Shameful. Against God. EnshaAllah they will learn to be better people.

  15. Ann Says:

    I am weeping! I am a Christian and I can not understand why people who “claim” to be Christian behave this way. Jesus LOVES everyone just the way they are!!!

  16. 9/11 Patriot Flag and Keystone Foundation Says:

    We’ve really got to change the way people think, in this country, and the world. We are so proud of this man for peacefully continuing his prayers. If anyone knows how we can contact him, we’d love for him to speak at our after-school program, the Keystone Club. This is just so sad. So so sad.

  17. Beth Says:

    That was shameful, “what god tells you go out and kill others?” anyone remember the crusades?

  18. Toby Says:

    Trouble is guys, we’re preaching to the converted here, making ourselves feel good by telling each other what we want to hear. The interweb is either that or shouting at those who’ll never change their minds. But good luck.

    What I found most amusing was the the Israeli flag shaking in time to the chant “Jesus – Jesus – Jesus”. Perhaps someone should remind them who the New Testament makes a scapegoat for Jesus’ death. There’ll be no peace until it becomes politically acceptable in the US to give criticism to Israel where it is due.

    Proud to be an atheist, humanist.

  19. Doug Says:

    Can you pick out the most Christian person in this video – the one following what Jesus taught about turn the other cheek and to love you your enemies. Which one is a person that truly understands their faith (including the teachings of Jesus – even if they consider him a prophet). Perhaps what upsets me most is not that these foolish people had to affront a man for peacefully following his faith, but that no other christians came to is aide. Talk about What Would Jesus Do- I suspect he would have put an end to this attack by stepping forward and taking action.

  20. Robert Otto Says:

    Now all of you ,who read this , now know why Iam an atheist .

  21. MamaSays... Says:

    Silly little children & their silly little games. Learn to coexsist & get along before your religious freedoms are taken away like you are trying to take them away from the Muslims.

  22. Charles Says:

    Point taken Ma. I would suggest that it is not just the Muslims. They are trying to take away religious freedom for everyone except themselves, and if you have ever observed two fundamentalist preachers going after each other, they are even a risk to their own religious freedom.

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