Anti-Science: Georgia Edition


Here’s U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Georgia, repeatedly rejecting evolutionary science on Friday. Think maybe creationists on the Texas State Board of Education will try appointing Kingston to a panel that reviews science instructional materials for public schools this spring?


6 Responses to “Anti-Science: Georgia Edition”

  1. Doc Bill Says:

    Ah didn’t come from no monkey!

    I’ll never understand how these folks can parade their ignorance the way they do, but I can’t explain why donkeys bray, either.

  2. Charles Says:

    He’s actually right Bill. Enter the anthropologist. Human beings and the great apes had a common ancestor. The great apes are not monkeys.

    Just to underscore the TFN video and the vast plain of ignorance it represents, I thought you might enjoy watching the Saturday Night Live “take” on Michelle Bachman’s response to the recent State of the Union Address. Avoid putting popcorn in your mouth while watching this. You could choke. Scroll down and play the video. A commercial comes first:–2210

  3. Charles Says:

    Oh, just for those of you who did not see the REAL Bachmann response live on CNN, she actually delivered the REAL speech without looking directly at the television camera—in other words—with the exact same body position and look shown in the Saturday Night Live video. It was pathetic.

  4. Wen Says:

    It certainly is clear to me that the good congressman has not come far from a monkey.

  5. Art Harris Says:

    But don’t forget, Charles, that monkeys and man also share a common ancestor–it’s just much further back in time than the common ancestor that we share with the apes.

  6. Fred Vance Says:

    lots of us folks walkin around hyar today sprung frum a monkee. Some folks, like my uncle Charlie, jus did’n spring far enuf.

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