Race-Baiting E-mails


One of the state’s right-wing extremists who has been among the most vocal in demanding the replacement of Joe Straus, R-San Antonio, as speaker of the Texas House appears to have a stunningly ignorant understanding of civil rights history. In a new e-mail commentary about the speaker’s race on Friday, Peter Morrison insists that the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is a “racist” law:

“[T]he Voting Rights Act is a nearly 50 year old law that unconstitutionally discriminates against southern states. It’s a racist law that presumes black people can only be represented by black people, and that white voters in southern states are wicked racists who are always out to deny black people their right to vote.”

Actually, Congress passed the Voting Rights Act precisely because southern states were discriminating against African Americans — systematically denying them their basic right to vote and choose whom they wanted to represent them in government. Arguing otherwise is simply an effort to rewrite history and promote a lie.

Morrison, whose commentaries have also appeared on the white nationalist website VDARE.com, has said in the past that he doubts minorities even face discrimination anymore, and he frets about “anti-white discrimination.” He appears to believe that racism exists, but with minorities as the perpetrators.

He has called U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor — the first Hispanic member of the nation’s high court — a “race hustler” and has charged that President Obama hates those whom Morrison revealingly defines as “normal people” (as if everyone else is abnormal?):

“The flip side of Obama’s ‘empathy’ is apparent hatred and contempt for white people, traditional families, small business owners, evangelical Christians, conservatives, and everyone else that liberals call the ‘racist, heterosexist, nativist, Christianist, capitalist, homophobic power structure’ in America. In other words, what most of us call normal people.”

In addition, his attacks on Speaker Straus have sounded at times like a dog whistle for anti-Semites, with Morrison explaining that Straus’ opponents in the Texas speaker’s race are “Christians and real conservatives” while highlighting the fact that Straus is Jewish.

TFN has taken no position on who should be speaker of the Texas House. We believe that honorable people can disagree about who should be. Opposing Speaker Straus certainly does not make someone an anti-Semite or a racist. But Morrison’s odious screeds do raise the question.


4 Responses to “Race-Baiting E-mails”

  1. Charles Says:

    “The flip side of Obama’s ‘empathy’ is apparent hatred and contempt for white people, traditional families, small business owners, evangelical Christians, conservatives, and everyone else that liberals call the ‘racist, heterosexist, nativist, Christianist, capitalist, homophobic power structure’ in America. In other words, what most of us call normal people.”

    He forgot to say “fruitcake.”

    Do I have to edit everything????

  2. David Says:

    I read something similar on the American Renaissance website.

  3. Beverly Kurtin Says:

    DISGUSTING! Peter Morrison (moron would be more accurate) and Sarah Palin have dragged out some muck that I thought had been laid to rest in polite company. Palin refuses to accept blame for her lock and load mentality and Peter Morrison has brought up the Jew hate that we Jews have been trying to show is false.

    A man who was accused of “blood libel” brought a Jewish housewife as his defense. She broke an egg into a cup. She broke another egg into another cup and then carefully examined the eggs. The judge asked why she had done that. “Your honor, we are forbidden to eat blood, so if even a minuscule amount of blood was found in one of the eggs, it would have to be wasted.” The judge immediately released the accused saying, “If that is how careful Jews are about even a spot of blood, how could they possibly use children’s blood to bake their matzo? Case dismissed.”

    Pete Morrison has no business being in the legislature if he thinks that only Christians are perfect enough to be speaker of the house. Palin has pounded in the final nail in her coffin of thinking she could be president of a country that is supposed to have freedom of religion. Morrison has insulted ALL JEWS.

    But what the hell, what have we ever done for civilization? We only gave the world the bible (I am directly related to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.) The biggest philanthropist in the world is Jewish (Soros), as children we are taught to give to charity before anything else. We have more Nobel prizes than any other ethnic group. The cure for the once dreaded disease of Polio was discovered by one Dr. Salk who refused to patent it by saying, “Would you try to patent the sun?” He wanted any manufacturer of vaccines to be able to use his formula. Sure, but what have we done lately? Does your computer run a Pentium or Centrino chip? It came from Israel. Do you like your cell phone? Invented in Israel’s Motorola branch. You know those comfortable and long-wearing blue jeans you put on after a hard day? Yeah, two Jews invented them. All come from a country 1/800 the size of all the Arab countries that surround it and demand its destruction.

    Israel is accused of being an apartheid state. That, perhaps, is the biggest lie of all. Israel opened the first hospital in Haiti after the horrendous earthquake in 2010 and is STILL THERE. Israel has airlifted 28,000 Ethiopians to Israel. They were one of the few countries who permitted Vietnamese “boat people” to settle in Israel. Arabs are not only citizens but have equal voting rights as any Jew, they serve their country in their parliament and are mayors in some Israeli cities. This is an apartheid state? Hardly. Israel’s save a child’s heart is the largest program in the WORLD that cures children from poor nations who need heart surgery.

    Yeah, those damned Jews, you can’t trust them. Their country is only nine miles wide at its narrowest point; the entire country can fit into California 19 times and is actually smaller than New Jersey, so why do they need a security fence? HAH! The number of homicide bombers (not suicide, HOMICIDE, trying to kill as many innocent men, women and children. But the world’s heart bleeds for the Arabs because they have oil. Well, Israel just found a gas reserve that will last Israel 100 years. But watch the United Nations try to hand over Israel’s discovery to the Arabs. War is on its way.


  4. Beverly Kurtin Says:

    Dang it, I forgot that Rush Limbaugh has also excused himself of any blame for what happened in Tuscon. He has billboards around Tuscon saying that he is a straight shooter with large bullet holes.

    Mommy, can I listen to Rush? Yes, honey, but only until you become deaf.

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