Creationists Face Big Louisiana Defeat?


A Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Schools committee has given its approval to new biology textbooks that have been under heavy attack by creationists and anti-evolution pressure groups. The 6-1 vote today sends the matter to the full board, which is expected to take a final vote on Thursday. All six committee members who voted to approve the biology textbooks today sit on the full board, which means creationists in Louisiana could see a crushing defeat in two days.

(Thanks to Glenn at the National Center for Science Education for the heads-up on today’s vote in Louisiana.)


5 Responses to “Creationists Face Big Louisiana Defeat?”

  1. Charles Says:

    Excuse me TFN, but I do not see a story about Louisiana on the NCES site. Where is it?

  2. TFN Says:

    We meant to link just to the main NCSE website, not a specific story.

  3. Charles Says:

    Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well hey, TFN and everyone else here should go over to the Louisiana Family Forum website and click on “Contact Us.”

    They had to disable their e-mail contact form because they were getting an earful from people like you and me. In its place, they have substituted a poll where you can register your feelings about today’s Louisiana textbook decision, which they lost badly. It is one of those trick poll questions that tries to avoid the truth and solicit the public response they would like to see. Fundamentalist Christians practicing deception once again. I don’t recall the exact poll question but it is something along the lines of:

    “Do you think it is right for an illegitimate, dirty, syphilitic whore like Clara Barton to be nursing our troops back to health.”

    No, I’m not kidding. It really is that stupid. In spite of the way the poll question is worded, the answer is 96 percent against the Louisiana Family Forum and 2 percent in favor. I want all of you nice folks to please run straight over there and pump that poll up to 99 percent. Do it now. Strike while the iron is hot. The poll is in the upper left corner of the web page at the following URL:


  4. Ben Says:

    That poll received a thorough Pharyngulation. Hee hee.

  5. dbtexas Says:

    Done! Here is the question: “Do you support BESE’s decision today to approve a list of Biology textbooks with known false and inaccurate information?” The yes response is now ninety-seven per cent. Maybe the sentient folks are taking over! Thanks Charles!

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