More ‘Perversion’ from Dave Welch


“I will be very candid in asking a question of the pastors of Houston – are we collectively more upset about moral perversion and sin flowing from our city hall through the radical agenda of Mayor Parker and her GLBTQIA allies as we are about being taxed? Are we more grieved about the late term pre-born babies now being murdered in greater numbers in our backyard as about our budgets?”

— An excerpt from an e-mail today from the Houston Area Pastor Council’s Dave Welch, who just can’t get over the choice of city voters to elect an openly lesbian mayor last year.


3 Responses to “More ‘Perversion’ from Dave Welch”

  1. Charles Says:

    The Religious Right has a really huge problem right now. Their issues are way down the list of what people think is important right now, the Republicans were swept into power without the overt help of the Religious Right(read that as “We don’t need you anymore.”), their fruitcake candidates like Christine O’Donnell were laughed out of town, and traditional Republicans are now wary of the Religious Right morons with whom Rove saddled them. My guess is that the Republican leadership still tells jokes about people like James Dobson and Dave Welch at Washington cocktail parties.

  2. Mainstream Says:

    Hard to blame Rove for O’Donnell since he so publicly dismissed her as a nut job.

  3. Pineyman Says:

    Okay, dumb question time. I know what the intent is, but what is a “pre-born baby” ? One already born and then stuffed back in for further processing??

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