Check Our 2010 Voter Guide


The Texas Freedom Network Education Fund has assembled a nonpartisan voter guide to inform citizens about the positions of candidates on critical issues involving the State Board of Education. All information reported in the guide was provided directly by each candidate or campaign in response to a questionnaire. Read the voter guide here.

3 Responses to “Check Our 2010 Voter Guide”

  1. Albert B. Clayton Says:

    Where is the guide?
    Bert Clayton

  2. TFN Says:

    Click here for the voter guide.

  3. Charles Says:

    Well, I see Ken Mercer failed to answer the questions in your survey of the candidates for their positions on various issues. If he believes so strongly and proudly in the fruit…uh…Christian Neo-Fundamentalist agenda, you would think that he would state his positions on the issues. Instead, he stuck his tail between his legs and ran away. Why would he be so cowardly?

    Rebecca Bell Metereau stepped right up to the plate ready to bat. I think that says something positive about commitment and willingness to take a stand.

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