American-Statesman Confirms: Dunbar Is Out


According to reporter Kate Alexander at the Austin American-Statesman, David Bradley is confirming that fellow Texas State Board of Education member Cynthia Dunbar will not seek re-election to her seat next year. Bradley told the Statesman that Dunbar recently began teaching at the Liberty University School of Law in Virginia and commutes from her home in Texas. The late Rev. Jerry Falwell founded Liberty University.

Bradley, R-Beaumont Buna, won re-election to his seat last year. The seats of two other far-right board members — Don McLeroy, R-College Station, and Ken Mercer, R-San Antonio — are up for election next year. So far McLeroy and Mercer appear to be seeking re-election.


9 Responses to “American-Statesman Confirms: Dunbar Is Out”

  1. Charles Says:

    Just four words and a painting: Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin

  2. James F Says:

    Cynthia Dunbar and Liberty University, a perfect fit. Now to defeat her subaltern.

  3. Lorenzo Sadun Says:

    Russell isn’t nearly as easy a target as Dunbar, whose book was a treasure trove of juicy quotes. But with Russell as her hand-picked successor, and with his having completely supported Dunbar’s agenda in the past, it shouldn’t be hard to run against him by running against Dunbar.

    By the way, Dunbar herself is a Liberty University Law grad.

  4. Doc Bill Says:

    Do you think Dunbar is teaching “Biology” or “History?” I’m sure she’s “qualified” to “teach” both.

  5. PHarvey Says:

    Liberty University and Dunbar; they deserve each other.

  6. Charles Says:

    Kinda pitiful ain’t it?

  7. tom Says:

    Oh good, she’s taking her JD from Pat Robertson’s diploma mill and teaching law at Jerry Falwell’s diploma mill. Does she still have her curriculum development credentials in place? ie “Decided what episodes of Veggie Tales and Davey & Goliath to show the kids today”.

  8. tom Says:

    @Dr. Sadun: Her JD is from Regents University. Same thing.

  9. Jon Says:

    I’m surprised to see no mention of the Democrat running for Dunbar’s seat, and educated (Ph.d from UT) rational woman, Judy Jennings.

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