Sadun Drops Challenge for Dunbar SBOE Seat


Lorenzo Sadun, a University of Texas mathematics professor, has announced that he is dropping his bid to replace State Board of Education member Cynthia Dunbar, R-Richmond, in the 2010 elections. That leaves only one announced Democratic candidate for the seat, education consultant Judy Jennings of Austin. Dunbar still faces Williamson County teacher Rebecca Osborne in the March Republican Primary.

See Sadun’s announcement after the jump.

Dear friends,

I have decided not to file as a candidate for State Board of Education. The only office that I will be seeking this year is Democratic Precinct Chair in Travis County Precinct 214.

In part, this decision is for personal reasons, recognizing the strain that the campaign is placing on my work and on my family. A bigger factor, however, is my primary opponent, Dr. Judy Jennings. As I have come to know Judy better and better on the campaign trail, I have come to respect and admire her commitment to quality public education, her understanding of educational issues, and her discipline and determination. I have also watched her grow as a candidate. There is a learning curve to being a candidate, and Judy picks things up very quickly. Much as I would like to serve on the SBOE, I cannot allow my own ambition to stand in the way of Judy’s bringing necessary change to a dysfunctional board. Going forward, she has my full support.

I owe a debt of gratitude to all of you for your support and encouragement over the last six months. I also owe a debt of money to those of you who contributed financially to the campaign, since we have a lot of unspent funds! In a few weeks, after all the bills are paid, I will partially return your contributions in proportion to how much you gave. Please consider redirecting this refund to Judy Jenning’s campaign.

Democratically yours,

Lorenzo Sadun


2 Responses to “Sadun Drops Challenge for Dunbar SBOE Seat”

  1. Rev. Bert Clayton Says:

    I thought there was another announced candidate- Michael Soto, San Antonio.

  2. TFN Says:

    Michael Soto is running to replace Rick Agosto in San Antonio.

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