McLeroy Lets the Cat Out of the Bag


Watch this short clip of State Board of Education chairman Don McLeroy explaining the true motivation behind his two amendments to proposed Texas science standards dealing with common descent and natural selection:

We’ll say this for McLeroy – he’s not trying to hide his intent. The purpose of his amendments is to cause kids to question the validity of the “two key parts of the great claim of evolution, which is common ancestry by unguided natural processes.” McLeroy – and by extension those who voted to support this amendment – want to convince students that evolution is not true.

And can we ask, if the natural process is not “unguided,” then who is guiding it?


8 Responses to “McLeroy Lets the Cat Out of the Bag”

  1. James F Says:

    Whomp whomp whomp whoooooomp…..

  2. Joe Lapp Says:

    Thank you TFN. And thank you McLeroy. Legal ammo.

  3. jdg Says:


    Can that video be used against him in a court of law to overturn all of these nasty amendments he set forth?? Isn’t his testimony kinda like “cdesign proponentsis” of the dover case?

    By the way, how did you guys get a video feed???

  4. TFN Says:

    TFN videotaped the meeting from the boardroom.

  5. Charles Says:

    Cynthia Dunbar must be going nuts inside trying to keep McLeroy, Leo, and company quiet—to no avail. Here is a message for Dr. McLeroy from someone he should appreciate:

    “This means that Omnipotence is against the strutter! God that made all things and put enough power in an atom to blow up a universe has organized His resources to resist the proud! God will not let pride win. “God resisteth the proud!” But He “giveth grace unto the humble.” God picks up the man who is on his face, and knocks down the man who struts. God blesses with abundance the man who says, “I just want to know God’s will. I’m nothing. I’m weak. I’m helpless. I just want to do what He wants done. I’m not going to look for anything that He doesn’t send to me as I go along the road of His purpose for my life.” “Pride Goeth Before Destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”

    —Bob Jones

  6. blane Says:

    Charles, I assume you say this about Dunbar because she’s an attorney? That would be giving her too much credit.

    Remember the things she’s said?

    Click to access Dunbar.pdf

  7. Larry Fafarman Says:

    jdg Says (March 26, 2009 at 9:51 pm) —
    –Can that video be used against him in a court of law to overturn all of these nasty amendments he set forth?? Isn’t his testimony kinda like “cdesign proponentsis” of the dover case? —

    It could be used against him under the “Lemon test,” but though the Lemon test was used in the 2005Dover case and in the ~2005 Selman v. Cobb County case about an evolution-disclaimer textbook sticker, this test has fallen into disfavor and federal courts are no longer required to use it. However, his testimony cannot be used against him under the “endorsement test,” which says in part,

    The Establishment Clause prohibits government from making adherence to a religion relevant in any way to a person’s standing in the political community.
    — from Justice O’Connor’s concurring opinion in Lynch v. Donnelly

    Also, this charge of religious motivation is a two-edged sword, because Darwinist board member Geraldine Miller made religious arguments to support her views — John West said,

    In defense of her views, Mrs. Miller launched into a remarkable speech about how she is a Christian and “a student of the Bible,” as if her personal religious beliefs have any relevance to what should be taught in science classes. Miller also lavished praise on Francis Collins’ book The Language of God for persuading her about the correct theological understanding of evolution. (Too bad Miller hasn’t bothered to read any of the critical reviews of the junk science in Collins’ book.) Once again, a defender of evolution has appealed to religion rather than science to justify his or her views.

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