The Educrats Are Coming!


Not everyone is happy with the draft of curriculum standards submitted by Texas science teachers yesterday. Jonathan Saenz of the Free Market Foundation is not buying the crazy idea these teachers are pushing — that state science standards should focus on, you know, science and not a bunch of phony “weaknesses” of evolution. Saenz tells the Dallas Morning News it is

“outrageous that these educrats have expelled the truth from state standards that have been in place for over 20 years.”


Psst… Jonathan, the recommendation came from classroom science teachers. If there are any “educrats” in Austin trying to muck with science standards, it’s your creationist buddies on the State Board of Education

(And by the way, shouldn’t you be in Alaska with the rest of the Free Market staff trying to block the investigation of Sarah Palin? I guess someone has to stay behind to sue school districts.)


2 Responses to “The Educrats Are Coming!”

  1. Stan Yoder Says:

    “outrageous that these educrats have expelled the truth from state standards that have been in place for over 20 years.”

    “Expelled the truth”?

    Black is white? Lies are holy? Science is DoublePlusUnGood?

    Standards in place for over 20 years must surely be perfect, by Mr. Saenz’s logic. After all, slavery was in place for, what? 200 years or so? Maybe we made a mistake going against the bible regarding slavery. The bible likes it, regulates slave owners, allows conquerors to take slaves. Hey, that’s been since, like, forever! Bring back slavery, Mr. Saenz?

    A better idea: allow science to be taught without religious restrictions or insertions. Keep the abolishment of slavery. Speak the truth.

  2. Ted Says:

    I’m still a little unclear as to why they call themselves the “Free Market Foundation.” The name suggests some sort of libertarian group, yet they seem to spend most of their time advocating for government regulation in areas such as education, sex, and medicine. Might I be so bold to suggest “Regulated Society and Culture Foundation” as a more appropriate identifier?

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